6 Ways a Bidet Can Help the Environment

6 Ways a Bidet Can Help the Environment

Calhoun Plumbing

July 19, 2019

If you’ve traveled a lot, especially in Europe or Japan, you may have used a bidet and liked it, as they can be quite luxurious. But you may not be ready to install a bidet (or bidet attachment) in your bathroom just for comfort’s sake.

Fortunately, bidets have other virtues as well, such as eco-friendliness. So if you’re looking for a solid reason to take the leap, here are six ways a bidet can help save the Earth.

1. Saving Water

Clean drinking water is a precious resource, yet Americans flush 5 billion dollars’ worth of it annually. So why install a plumbing fixture that adds more water use to each toilet flush? The answer is that if you’re careful, bidet use can actually decrease your overall water footprint.

With a bidet, you don’t need to use those personal wipes or wads of toilet paper. Some people still use a little toilet paper with a bidet, but you can avoid that by choosing a model with an air-dry function. According to Bidet.org, a roll of toilet paper may take up to 37 gallons of water to produce, so using a bidet’s couple of cups per cleaning is still more efficient.

2. Saving Trees

As an eco-conscious consumer, you may realize that toilet paper production is a large contributor to deforestation. Using recycled or bamboo toilet paper can help, and so can using a bidet. In fact, according to some experts, America could save 15 million trees every year simply by using bidets.

3. Saving Your Plumbing

Blockages caused by toilet paper or personal wipes are common plumbing problems, so choosing a bidet can help on this front as well. Keeping your plumbing in great shape so it doesn’t need drastic repairs can help your eco-friendly lifestyle for several reasons. For example:

  • Plumbing repairs often require new parts, which are made of nonrenewable materials and shipped with fossil fuels.
  • Plumbing repairs may require excavation, which could disrupt the habitats of wildlife living in your lawn.

Overall, keeping your plumbing healthy tends to be better for the Earth than just waiting until problems develop.

4. Saving Fossil Fuels

If you play your cards right, a bidet can help reduce your fossil fuel usage. For example:

  • With a bidet you no longer need to have toilet paper or wipes manufactured with fossil fuels.
  • The fossil fuels required to ship the toilet paper to you are no longer needed.
  • The fossil fuels used as materials in wipes (which often have a plastic component) are no longer needed.

It’s true the bidet is likely made of plastic itself, but that’s a one-time plastic use for the lifetime of the bidet.

5. Saving Local Water Quality

Using a bidet may even help you avoid contaminating your groundwater. Clogged pipes can leak or back up and flood, releasing untreated wastewater into your yard.

If you have a septic system, clogs could cause malfunctions, which can mean that unprocessed water makes its way into the soil of the leach field. From there it can contaminate the groundwater (including your private well) or seep into local bodies of water and harm the wildlife living there.

A bidet won’t fix a damaged septic system or sewer line, but it can help you avoid issues caused by overloading these systems with toilet paper.

6. Saving Your Wallet

Your wallet may not seem like a critical factor in saving the environment. But a bidet can save you hundreds of dollars a year on toilet paper. It could save you even more if you use personal wipes, which tend to be more expensive. With that saved money, you could install another eco-friendly plumbing fixture, donate to an eco-friendly cause, or even save up for solar panels.

These six points demonstrate how using a bidet can be a smart choice for eco-conscious consumers. For more information on our plumbing services and how we can help you install eco-friendly plumbing fixtures such as a bidet, get in touch with us.