Residential and Commercial Backflow Testing Service

The term, “backflow testing” might not resonate with you, but as a water consumer, it is something that affects you and your community. We all take for granted that the water we use in our homes and in our workplace is safe. Usually, that is true. However, it’s important that property owners have backflow testing services performed (if they have a backflow device) on an annual basis to ensure the quality of the water that flows into the property.

Backflow, as the name implies, is when water flows backwards into a building or house. This typically happens when there is a major drop in pressure in the municipal water system and can be caused by water main breaks, faulty sewer line drainage, major flooding or a host of other disturbances. If left unattended, backflow can introduce harmful pollutants and bacteria into the water supply.

Residential backflow testing

As a homeowner, you want peace of mind that the water you are drinking and using to wash your clothes and dishes is safe. If you suspect that your water is being contaminated, you may need a backflow device inspection. One of our certified plumbers can perform the test in your home and advise you on the next steps. If it is determined that you have water backflow in your home, we can also provide solutions to fix the problem.

Commercial testing & certification

Backflow testing is required by states and local municipalities and in some cases, must be conducted annually. If you have any questions about local regulations in your area, contact Calhoun Plumbing. Calhoun has served the Columbus and Dublin area for more than two decades and is certified in backflow device inspection and testing for commercial buildings.

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Backflow Testing in Columbus Ohio

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