5 Vanity Styles to Consider for Your Bathroom

5 Vanity Styles to Consider for Your Bathroom

Calhoun Plumbing

July 19, 2019

Choosing the right bathroom sink design is key

Bathrooms don’t contain much furniture. In fact, the only furniture in most bathrooms is the bathroom sink or vanity, which is attached to the wall with plumbing. Therefore, choosing a bathroom vanity is a slightly bigger deal than, say, choosing a dresser, which is easier to change out. And because the vanity is the only furniture-type item in the bathroom, the vanity has the potential for being a focal point.

Bathroom vanities come in different types. Below are some of the most common types and how they can complement your bathroom.

1. Furniture-Look Vanity

The furniture-look vanity is the classic style. It consists of a square or rectangle of cabinetry topped with a countertop and a sink. The mirror is often attached. The cabinetry typically consists of a combination of well cabinets and drawers. The cabinet typically resembles wood, even if it’s made of another material. You often see trim incorporated into the design.

This style of vanity is probably the most customizable option. You can choose the color or finish for the cabinetry as well as the color and material for the countertop. The sink can be drop-in, which means it’s flush with the countertop, or vessel-style. This standard vanity doesn’t usually draw attention, so this option is ideal if you want other parts of your bathroom to take center stage.

2. Standalone Vanity

A standalone vanity is usually an actual piece of furniture that’s been converted to a bathroom vanity. The piece usually started out as a dresser or table. Though you’ll want to call in plumbers to hook up such a vanity, constructing it can be a do-it-yourself project. You can also have a standalone vanity custom made to your specifications.

The standalone vanity often carries a vintage appeal since you’re upcycling another item of furniture. The finish is often distressed or naturally stained. This style of vanity is ideal for retro, shabby chic, farmhouse, and other homey décor styles.

3. Pedestal Sink

Another style of standalone vanity isn’t exactly a vanity at all — it’s a sink. The pedestal sink is just that, a sink on a pedestal. The sink itself can be round, D-shaped, square, or clamshell-shaped. The pedestal comes in a range of styles from a simple column to an ornately trimmed one. You can also custom-order specialty shapes such as ones replicating a lily.

Pedestal sinks are the sleekest of all the vanity styles. They take up little visual or literal space. However, they also don’t come with built-in storage. You can rig them up with storage, but that defeats the purpose of the pedestal’s profile. Pedestal sinks are ideal for small bathrooms. You also see them in modern bathrooms where minimalism is the preferred ideal.

4. Floating Vanity

The floating vanity is another version of a minimalist vanity. The plumber mounts this style directly to the wall. Floating vanities usually feature the same cabinetry and drawers as the standard styles. However, instead of ending in feet touching the floor, they hover above it. You have airspace between the bottom and the flooring, which is why they present as minimalist.

To that end, floating vanities are ideal for modern and other contemporary styles. They also feature in spa-style bathrooms. You’ll want to talk to your plumber, though, before setting your heart on a floating vanity because you may face weight restrictions in terms of your wall.

5. Double Vanity

As the name suggests, double vanities are two vanities making up a single unit. This idea can consist of two separate sink areas that are side by side or a single, big vanity with two sinks. Likewise, the mirrors can be two separate entities or a single large one. Double vanities can be in the furniture, standalone, or floating style.

Naturally, double vanities are ideal for shared bathrooms. They can complement any décor style. However, they do sometimes take up more than double the area of a single vanity. Therefore, you’ll want to weigh the size against the convenience of having two sinks readily available.

As you approach a bathroom design, choose your vanity style with care. Calhoun Plumbing can help you with all your plumbing and bathroom remodeling.