Avoid Burst Pipes this Winter

How to Prepare Your Pipes for Winter

As we get ready for seasonal changes and the chill of fall, it’s time to start planning for the winter months. Central Ohio has some rough winters, and the last thing you want to have to deal with is frozen pipes. Fortunately, there are preventive actions you can take now to winterize your pipes and
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Tips from Calhoun Plumbing to stop wasting water through water leaks.

Signs of a Water Leak

Sometimes, it’s pretty obvious where a water leak is happening in your home, such as stains on the ceilings or warped floors. You may also see puddles of water around areas like your water heater or base of your toilet. However, some water leaks aren’t quite as apparent. If you have the sense that something
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Septic system

Converting From Septic to Sewer

If you currently have a septic tank and have considered converting to your city’s sewer system, you’ll need the experience of a licensed plumber with sewer and drain services to handle the conversion. Your house main drain empties to the exterior of your house and into your septic tank. The conversion process involves running new
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sewer line

Clogged Sewer Drains Can Be A Headache

Clogged sewer lines can cause multiple problems for homeowners in the form of backed-up drains and toilets, or even worst, burst pipes. Clogs in sewer lines have many causes including grease and fats, hair, dirt and debris and even tree roots. Once the pressure builds up too much, the pipes will back up and force
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