Down Spout Cleaning

Water is one of the most damaging elements that threaten the exterior of your home. Keeping water moving away from your home is the key to preventing expensive damage and repair bills.

Down spouts provide the means to move water that hits your roof, collect in your gutters, and move it away from your home’s exterior and foundation. Most people think of down spouts as the vertical pipes that connect to the gutter, but the down spout system includes the drain tile that runs underground as well. A clog in your down spouts or drainage tile can create a backup of drain water, which can cause damage to a number of areas of your house. If you notice damage to any of the following, you may have a clogged down spout.

  • Shingles are bubbling near the gutter
  • Siding is warped or bubbling
  • Rotten Wood Trim
  • Leaking or rotten window trim

There are a number of ways your down spouts can become clogged:

  • Debris from trees (leaves, twigs, needles)
  • Animals (nests)
  • Roof materials (shingles, nails, etc)

If you notice water damage to your siding, shingles, windows or foundation, you may have clogged down spouts. Calhoun Plumbing has the tools to diagnose the clog and to clean the down spout and drainage tile that moves water away from your house. Contact our team to schedule an appointment today.

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