Repair and Installation of Kitchen Drains & Garbage Disposals

A backed up kitchen drain or a disposal that won’t empty are just a few of the headaches that homeowners experience at one time or another.

Clogged Kitchen Drain

There are a few things that will cause a homeowner instant stress and a clogged kitchen drain is one of them. If you have water backing up in your sink, the drain under the sink may be clogged. There are a few options that our certified plumbers can try to open your drain. The first is making sure that the garbage disposal (if there is one) is functioning properly.

If the garbage disposal checks out, we can snake the drain to dislodge or break up the clog, which hot water will flush. At snaking the sink drain does not work, the issue may be deeper, which requires a look at the main drain that empties into the sewer or septic line. Regardless of the severity of your clog, our professional plumbers will get to work and get your drain moving as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Broken Garbage Disposal

One cause of a backed-up drain is a broken garbage disposal. Some consumers use garbage disposals incorrectly, throwing everything down the drain, which can create build up and clogs.  We’ve worked on disposals that have, fatty foods, chicken bone fragments, coins, and other heavy foods that cause the disposal motor to seize up.

In some cases, the disposal has a kill switch to avoid burning out the motor, which is a quick, easy fix. In cases where the mechanism is stuck or the motor is burned out, replacing the garbage disposal is the only option. Our plumbing professionals will have a new garbage disposal on hand to make the swap and get your kitchen back to normal that day.

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