3 Common Causes of Boiler Heat Exchanger Inefficiency

Many boiler systems utilize heat exchangers to help maximize energy efficiency. As the burners combust gas in order to heat the water, they produce exhaust. This exhaust contains heat, which the heat exchanger harnesses and uses to preheat the water flowing into the boiler. A heat exchanger thus lowers the amount of heat required to
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Learn how hot to set your home water heater from the Pros at Calhoun Plumbing.

How Hot Is Hot Enough for a Home Water Heater?

Hot water can fight germs and infestations in amazing ways, but only when it’s hot enough. Experts have advised people to set their water heaters to a maximum temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. However, researchers now advise people to set their water heaters at higher temperatures. Who’s giving the right advice when it comes to
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3 Surprising Water Leak Sources

Most water leaks inside your home are quickly or easily identifiable. Visible drips from faucets, the continuous sound of a toilet running, and puddles under sinks and other water sources are very obvious. But did you know that your home can experience water leaks that may not be immediately noticeable? Take a look at these
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