Learn about the causes of low water pressure and solutions from Calhoun Plumbing Central Ohio.

Water Pressure Low? 4 Causes and Solutions | Calhoun Plumbing

Low water pressure can be an irritating problem. It makes showers less enjoyable and makes it harder to get things clean. Low water pressure can also make some jobs take longer, like watering plants outside. If your home has low water pressure, whether it’s in one localized area or all over the house, the problem
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Tips from Calhoun Plumbing to stop wasting water through water leaks.

Wasted Water Woes: Stop Your Leak Right Now

The drip, drip, drip coming from your bathroom faucet is more than just annoying; it’s causing problems for you and your home. Whether you have a slowly leaking sink, a dripping shower head, a toilet that keeps filling (when no one is pushing down on the handle) or a mysterious pipe that’s losing water from
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