Tree Root Removal

Everybody loves a yard full of lush shade trees and they can even increase the value of your property. However, trees can cause major damage to your household plumbing system if they take root in the sewer lines or damage your downspouts. Left unchecked, tree roots can completely block sewer lines which result in expensive repairs. Having tree roots removed from your sewer and downspout drains avoids backups and clogs that cause costly damage to your home. If you suspect you have a problem with tree roots, call the plumbers at Calhoun Plumbing. They are trained professionals who can efficiently diagnose the problem and propose the most effective solution.

How Tree Roots Infiltrate Sewer Lines

However gross it may seem, the contents of your sewer lines are nourishment nirvana for trees, as they provide water, oxygen and other nutrients. This organic matter seeps into the soil from cracks or fissures in the sewer lines, thus attracting the tree roots. These small roots work their way into the sewer line and will continue to grow until they completely obstruct the pipe’s circumference. As the sewage has nowhere to go, it will back up into your toilets or sinks. The first sign that you may have a tree root problem is if you hear a gurgling sound when you turn on a faucet; other more obvious indicators include slow drainage or backup.

Tree Root Removal Options

A plumber will look down the sewer lines with a camera to detect exactly where the blockage is and determine which of the following solutions will open the drain back up.

  1. Cutting. The plumber will insert an auger with rotating circular saw blades down the pipes (think of a plumber’s snake). The saw will literally cut the tree roots and debris out of the sewer line. It’s important that the plumber repair any cracks or fissures in the pipes, otherwise, the tree roots will grow back.
  2. Chemicals. Copper sulfate is the most common chemical used to destroy tree roots. The copper sulfate will dissolve the roots and any of the chemicals that seep into the ground will kill any other tree roots. This chemical will also coat the pipes to ensure a thorough eradication.
  3. Hydro Jetting. This is a more extreme method, but it works. The plumber will insert an auger into the line and cut away the tree roots. Next water will be forced through the pipes at very high pressure to flush away the obstructions.
  4. Removal. The worst-case scenario is that the tree roots (and maybe the entire tree) will need to be physically removed to resolve the problem. This is where the plumber’s camera diagnostics will come in handy. The camera will pinpoint exactly where the obstruction is located and how extensive it is.

If you suspect tree root problems with either your sewer lines or downspout, call the licensed plumbers at Calhoun Plumbing. A licensed technician will meet with you to isolate the problem and come up with the best solution. With more than two decades of experience, you can count on Calhoun to provide prompt, professional service that will offer the best solutions for your home and yard. Call 614-444-1995 today or schedule an appointment with us today.

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