Video Inspection for Plumbing

A backed-up drain or sewer pipe can be destructive in your home or business. Our plumbers can only see so far down a sink or toilet drain to diagnose a backup, which is where our Video Inspection technology can help.

Our video drain system is a diagnostic tool that we use to determine the cause of the backup in your sewer lines or pipes in your home. A tiny camera is attached to a cable and is snaked through your pipes until the camera reaches the source of the blockage. The images are transmitted back to a handheld screen that allows us to assess the issue and work on a solution to open the drain. The video also provides the homeowner or business owner with a view of what we are seeing.

How Video Inspection Helps

A video inspection determines the extent of the blockage, which determines the method we use to clear the blockage. For example, if the drain is clogged with greases and dissolvable material, our plumbers can point point the location of the clog and use a snake auger to break up the blockage. If the blockage is caused by a foreign object like a toy or wads of paper, the video footage provides visual support for our plumber to remove the object. For tough clogs that are solid and unmovable, the video footage tells our plumber the location of the blockage and guides where to cut the pipe in order to re-open the drain.

We also use our video inspection service to inspect the plumbing of an older home. If you are considering buying an older home, you may not be aware of plumbing issues until it is too late. A video inspection can help assess the health of the existing plumbing, identify areas where plumbing is not properly installed and assess the health of the main as it pertains to intrusions from trees and plant roots.

Symptoms of Blocked Sewer Lines

If you have slow draining sinks or showers, you probably have a local clog. When all of your sinks and showers begin backing up simultaneously, you should be concerned that you have a bigger issue. Other common symptoms of a blocked line are gassy smells from the drains and water and sewage overflow in the lowest levels of your house. If you notice any of these issues, stop using water, flushing toilets, etc. and contact Calhoun Plumbing right away. Our experienced plumbers will work to find a solution and get your drains open and flowing again.

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Calhoun Plumbing has over 25 years of experience serving the plumbing needs of Central Ohio. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services as well as general plumbing services that include backed up sewer and drain, leak detection, excavation services, and other general plumbing services like bathroom repairs, kitchen sinks, backflow testing and more. If you are looking for a local plumbing company that you can trust and who you can call 24/7, Calhoun Plumbing is here to help.

Our video inspection can help open up a clogged drain.

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